Sync Facebook birthdays in Google Calendar & Android phones

If you are little lousy with the dates like me and can’t keep tracks of friend’s Birthdays and Anniversaries, this post will help you out. Facebook has become the number one source for getting updates about your Friend’s Birthdays and other important events like Marriage, Anniversaries, Social get together etc. Good thing is, Facebook lets its user export their events list which can then be imported in Google Calendar and sync to your Android phone.


1. Export Birthdays / Other Events from Facebook

Step 1. Open Facebook and go to Events Page.

Step 2. Click on “Export” button under Events settings.

Step 3. A pop-up will appear. It provides two links, one to friend’s birthdays and one for other events. Right click and copy link address.

facebook events - sync facebook google calendar

events settings - sync facebook google calendar

export events - sync facebook google calendar

2. Add Birthdays / Other Events to Google Calendar

Step 4. Open Google Calendar. Under “Other Calendars”, click “Add by URL” option.

Step 5. In the popup box that appears, fill in the URL you copied in Step 3 and press “Add Calendar”

Step 2. That’s it. A new calendar should appear under “Other Calendars”. Generally the name should be “Friends Birthdays”

google calendar - sync facebook google calendar

add calendar - sync facebook google calendar

new google calendar - sync facebook google calendar


3. Sync Google Calendar with your Android phone

Step 7. Open “settings” in your Android phone. Go to “Accounts and Sync” section.

Step 8. Link your Google account and enable “Sync Calendar”.

From now onwards, your android phone will sync your friends birthdays exported via Facebook and display it.

android settings - sync facebook google calendar   android sync - sync facebook google calendar

While this post shows how to sync with Google Calendar and Android phone, you can use the same logic to sync your Microsoft Outlook and Apple iCal (iPhones and iPads).

Did you try this tip..? Share your experience with us via the comments.


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